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We have provided series of downloadable forms and documents in PDF format, to help you in the process of reaching your investment goals.

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Getting Started

A selection of needed documentation to get you started. Please go through the overview for each of the forms below.

Account Form 1a
Account Form 1b

Indemnity Form 1a
Indemnity Form 1b
CWSL Individual
CWSL Corporate
Transfer Form
Allotment Form
Sales Mandate Form
Purchase Madate Form-2018


Account Forms:

The account opening form allows you to sign up to any of our services. Downloadm the form, fill in all necessary details and also highlight the account type that you prefer (Managed Funds, Portfolio Management, Stockbroking, etc). Append your signtaure and date to the form, attach two passport photos and a copy of a current utility bill to enable us verify your address.

CWSL Forms: (New)*

Consisisting of two new forms -The individual and Ccorporate form. All details on whichever form you choose must be filled, signed and subnmitted before your account can be opened. The information contained in the form is the latest requirement by CSCS in order to open an account.

Indemnity Form:

Please read the document properly and make sure you understand and agree with the content therein. Append your signature at the end of the form in the space provided. This form when completed gives us the power to act on your instructions you have provided verbally, e-mail, Telephone and/or Facsimile.

Transfer/Allotment Form:

The Crossworld Securities transfer form enables you to transfer your assets (turning share certificates into electronic form) to either yourself or to a transferee. The name of the stock you want transfered, the number of units, your full names and address as well as the name and Clearing House Number(CHN) of the trasnferree will have to be written on this form.

The allotment form is for allotment purposes. It is used for alloting to you the number of stocks you have purchased from the Stock Exchange by the CSCS (Central Securities and Clearing Systems). Without this form, the CSCS would not be able to transfer the purchased stock to your acoount with them. You are therefore required to just append your signature onto the signature space (the grey area). One allotment form is required for each type of stock purchased (if you bought shares in 3 different companies at once, you will need to provide 3 signed allotment forms).

Sales and Purchase Mandate Form:

The sales order form gives us your direction to sell the stock you have listed. Your order will subsequently be executed according to the instructions. Your order will not be executed if you do not append your signature to the form or if your signature is not regular or identical to the one on your account opening form.

Same goes for the Purchase order form.

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